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5 things you need before bringing home your dachshund

5 things you need before bringing home your dachshund

When you're bringing home your dachshund, there’s a lot to think about. You've already chosen a breeder, landed on the perfect name, and spent endless hours daydreaming about finally bringing your pup home. As if all of that wasn't enough, you also need to make sure you're stocking up on the right supplies. It's easy to get overwhelmed: there seem to be an infinite number of toys, after all, and an abundance of adorable clothing options that feel like necessities.

Before you purchase a lot of things you don't actually need, check out this guide of the essentials you need to welcome your dachshund puppy home. (Then, you can turn your attention to all of the adorable tricks to teach your pup!) 

1. Stain and odor eliminator

This is less about your puppy, and more about protecting your house. Bringing a new puppy home means that there's a 100% chance that there will be accidents. A stain and odor eliminator will ensure that your house stays fresh while simultaneously discouraging your dachshund from peeing in the same spot again. While you'll get your dachshund potty trained in no time, this is a game-changer that'll help keep you sane in the meantime.

2. Harnesses for fast-growing puppies

It’s no secret that doxies are bundles of energy, so you’ll want to have the right gear on hand to support lots of walks and exercise! Because dachshunds are more at risk for back problems than many other breeds, ensuring that you’re not putting unnecessary strain on their spine when on leash is important. A harness will protect your pup’s neck, and since it’s more secure than a collar, they won’t be able to wriggle away, either! While you might not be taking your dachshund on long walks, we're big believers that dachshunds should get used to wearing a harness at a young age to help avoid issues down the road.

3. Nutritious food and treats

If your dachshund could talk, they might tell you that their day revolves around food. And in order to grow big (or, relatively so) and strong, they’ll need regular healthy meals! We’re big fans of dog food made specifically for dachshunds, which keeps the needs of their unique physiology in mind. We also love treats that are already broken up into small pieces. Dachshunds are prone to being overweight, so starting off with a treat like this one will make sure you're not overloading them on calories while rewarding them for their good behavior. 

4. Something to chew on

It’s easy to go a little crazy when picking out toys for your pup to play with — there are just so many adorable options! And while you don’t need hundreds of toys for your doxie, keeping a few toys around that are meant to be chewed on can help prevent them from chewing on your shoes or the legs of the sofa. Dachshunds have strong jaws, so you’ll want to lean towards more durable toys and avoid toys filled with synthetic materials that they could end up ingesting. We're big fans of this sweet and indestructible elephant teething toy, with a rope for extra tugging fun.

5. A comfortable bed

Doxies are natural burrowers, and they like to get snuggled in their bed each night. Having a space to call their own also helps dachshunds feel secure as they get used to new sounds, humans, and objects in the house. When choosing a bed, you’ll want to find one with a machine-washable cover and a non-slip bottom. Being able to throw the cover in the wash will make your life easier in the case of any messes or accidents, while the non-slip bottom serves as a layer of protection for your pup’s back, preventing the bed from sliding around while they’re getting in and out. Some doxie parents also like to look for burrow or cave beds, which really allow your pup to feel tucked in. And if you want to make housetraining a bit easier or give your pup even more of a sense of their own space, putting their bed in a crate can help them carve out their territory at home.

There’ll always be more treats, toys, apparel, and accessories to buy for your doxie, but this “starter pack” will help you cover all the necessary bases when you’re preparing your home for your pup.

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