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10 things only dachshund owners understand

10 things only dachshund owners understand
It isn’t just dachshunds’ long, low bodies that make them unmistakable. Their distinct, quirky personalities not only make them absurdly loveable, but unite anyone who knows the breed. If you call yourself a dachshund owner, you likely know the following 10 things to be true:

1. Did someone say food?!
Cheese, peanut butter, kibble… there’s nothing more motivating for a dachshund than food. Even the sound of a knife on a chopping board or the sound of dry food shaking in its bag is enough to cause unparalleled excitement. Human food or dog food — as long as it’s edible, it’ll do the trick.

2. Little bodies, big barks
A dachshund’s body may be small, but their barks are mighty. It’s the hunter in them, sure, though they seem to have figured out that it’s a pretty effective way to get attention, too.

3. Stubborn with a capital S
If you look up “stubborn” in the dictionary, you may very well find a picture of a dachshund next to the definition. They may even try to train you if you let them. The question is, do you own your dachshund, or do they own you?

4. And the Oscar goes to...
Dachshunds’ stubbornness comes with equally strong acting skills. Have you seen those eyes?! They’ve mastered the “who, me?” look and will put it to use whenever they see fit.

5. The ultimate snuggler
Is there anything a dachshund loves more than being as close as possible to their owner? Any available body part will do — laps, shoulders, stomachs — so long as they can get comfortable.

6. Paws or shovels?
For such a small dog, dachshunds can seriously dig. The pastime isn’t limited to the outdoors, though. Couches and pillows are just as appealing to their paws.

7. Dachshunds breed loyalty.
After falling in love with a dachshund, the thought of getting any other breed seems absurd. And for many devoted owners, dachshunds are a bit like potato chips — it’s hard to have just one.

8. “I didn’t catch that…”
Selective hearing is not a trait unique to humans. Ask a dachshund to do something that they don’t want to do (say, “come” when they’re happily playing with their favorite chew toy) and they’ll likely continue on doing exactly what they’re doing, as if you hadn’t even opened your mouth.

9. Peeing in the rain? Good joke.
When the grass is even remotely wet, the chances of a dachshund “doing their business” are pretty darn low. They’ll hold it for hours to avoid spending time outside in the rain.

10. The definition of loyal.
For all the stubbornness dachshund owners put up with, their pups reward them with unconditional love. Dachshunds are happiest when spending time by your side, and will shower you with kisses and snuggles to prove just how much they love you.



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