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Why your dachshund can benefit from a supplement

Why your dachshund can benefit from a supplement

If you treat your dachshund to human food when they’re especially well-behaved, you’re not alone — their signature trick is justifiably rewarded with a spoonful of peanut butter or a piece of cheese! It seems only natural, then, that when it comes to supplements, dachshunds should have an option made with human-grade ingredients. They deserve the best, after all!

At Witzig, we’re fans of DIG Labs’ dachshund supplement, which supports back, digestive, and eye health — all common concerns for doxies — as well as a healthy immune system. Another thing we like about this supplement? Since it’s made with dachshunds in mind, the dosage is designed for small dogs. It comes in powder form, so you don’t have to cut any pills into smaller pieces, and you can just mix it right into your pup’s food.

It’s got their back

You likely have a major soft spot for your dachshund's long, wiggly spine. Unfortunately, that unique (loveable!) shape also puts dachshunds at higher risk for intervertebral disc disease, or IVDD. DIG’s doxie supplement helps to keep your pup’s joints hydrated while also keeping inflammation at bay with nutrients like chondroitin, glucosamine, MSM, and omega-3-rich krill powder. In addition to the supplement, avoiding excessive jumping and holding your dachshund properly will also help protect their spines.

Healthy tummy, happy tummy

A healthy digestive system is key when it comes to maintaining an ideal weight for your dachshund. Not only will they process their food more efficiently, but it means they’ll be absorbing the important nutrients in their food, too. (And if you’re feeding them nutrient-dense kibble, you’ll want to make sure they’re benefiting from it!) DIG’s supplement is not only rich in probiotics, which aid in optimal nutrient absorption, but include prebiotics, too. Why does that matter? Prebiotics, which come from ingredients like inulin and pumpkin powder, feed the probiotics — so that they’re as effective as possible — and also help ward off any sort of upset stomach.

No glasses needed

We may all agree that dachshunds would look pretty darn cute with a little pair of spectacles, but only if it were for fun, dress up purposes. Doxies are more likely to develop cataracts than other breeds (especially longhaireds), and difficulty seeing gets in the way of the breed’s beloved play time. DIG’s supplement includes a nutrient called taurine, which improves blood flow and oxygen concentration in dachshunds eyes, ultimately boosting their eye health. Another ingredient in this doxie-designed supplement is turmeric, whose active ingredient curcumin is known to aid in preventing cataracts.

A good kibble sets a strong foundation for promoting optimal health for your dachshund, but just as humans take vitamins, giving your dachshund a supplement designed to address specific health needs goes the extra mile. We like to think of it as an additional way to ensure your pup is living life to the fullest — healthy, happy, and full of spunk.


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