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5 ways to keep your dachshund puppy entertained

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5 ways to keep your dachshund puppy entertained
We’re all predisposed to boredom these days, but boredom for dachshunds can lead to excessive barking and destroying your furniture, so it’s a good thing to ward off as much as possible. First and foremost, you’ll want to ensure your pup is getting sufficient exercise. But there are bound to be days filled with long stretches of indoor time, too. Here are five ways to keep your doxie occupied.

Play hide and seek

Dachshunds are both smart and curious, and when you combine that with those extraordinary noses, you find yourself with a breed that is especially good at playing hide and seek. Since a game of hide and seek is both physically and mentally stimulating, it’s ideal for keeping your pup occupied. You can play with either their favorite toys or treats. Show them the object they’re meant to find, leave them in another room while you find a good hiding spot, and then let them sniff it out. The trickier the hiding spot, the more time you’ll have before you need to set up the next round.

Teach them a new trick

If you’ve got sit and stay down pat, it may be time to teach your doxie an exciting new trick! The challenge of learning is good for their brains, and the repetition of learning new commands will keep them occupied for a while. Shake, lie down, roll over, and speak are all good options if you’re not sure which trick to try next. Have a lot of treats on hand, and start small, rewarding your dachshund every time they make progress. If you’re finding yourself bored too, a new trick is a perfect thing to record and show off on Instagram.

Get them a puzzle toy that dispenses treats

You’re likely no stranger to the fact that dachshunds are incredibly food motivated. When you need to keep them occupied for a while, a toy that dispenses treats will hold their attention. Your pup will have to solve puzzles in order to get a treat, slowing them down and holding their attention for longer stretches of time. The mental stimulation is a win for you, while the treat that they’re working towards is a major plus for your pup.

Invest in a sandbox for the backyard

If you have an outdoor space, a sandbox is the pup equivalent of a playground for kids – endless entertainment. It’s no secret that dachshunds love to dig (it’s in their blood, after all), and while digging is a pain if they’re doing it in places they shouldn’t, it’s a great way for them to blow off some steam. You can also hide toys under the sand so that they have something specific to hunt for, which will keep their brain stimulated too. The added bonus of the sandbox? It is a clearly defined space intended for digging, so they’re less likely to dig up your flower beds or attempt to dig up the carpet.

Put on a dachshund movie

Who said watching TV was only a human activity? When you’re trying to keep your dachshund distracted for a while and have run out of energy for games of fetch and hide and seek, plopping their bed in front of the television is another way to hold their attention (especially if they see other dachshunds on the screen!). You’ll just want to make sure you’re keeping the volume moderately low since your pup’s ears are more sensitive than yours.


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