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5 reasons why your dachshund keeps barking

5 reasons why your dachshund keeps barking

Dachshunds are notorious for their noisiness. Barking is an innate behavior for all dogs — it’s how they communicate, after all — but doxies are equipped with strong lungs, giving them the capacity to be particularly vocal. And while the breed has a reputation for being talkative, it can be helpful to know what they’re trying to say. Below are five of the most common reasons your dachshund keeps barking.

1. They’re bored

When dachshunds aren’t getting enough exercise, they tend to get restless, and barking becomes a way to burn off some extra steam. If the barking comes with a side of jumping up and down or zooming around the house, your pup likely could use a walk or some extra playtime. Ensuring that dachshunds are getting at least a daily 20 to 30-minute walk and that they have plenty of toys to keep them occupied will help keep boredom-induced barking at bay.

2. They have separation anxiety

Dachshunds are sensitive to changes in their environment, so if they’re left alone for longer than they’re comfortable with, they’ll try to tell you. Sticking to a daily routine — and regular times for walks, meals, and humans coming and going — allow your pup to spend less time worrying if and when you’re coming home.

3. They’re protecting their territory

Mail carriers, unfamiliar pups out for a stroll, and passing vehicles can all be perceived as a threat to your dachshund. If they get especially loud when anything crosses their view out a house window, they probably think they’re protecting their home from “dangerous” intruders. While doxies may not be super intimidating, it’s understandable to not want them to bark at anything that moves, so you can teach them that these regular passersby are nothing to worry about. The simplest way to do this is to sit with your dachshund when the mail carrier or another dog is walking by to help them feel safe, and reward them with treats when they stay quiet.

4. They’re asking for attention

Doxies like lots of affection and recognition, and if they feel like you’re not paying them enough attention, barking is a quick way for them to change that. Maybe your pup needs to be let out to pee, maybe they’re hungry, or maybe they just really want to snuggle. When they’re feeling neglected, they know that if they make too much noise, you’ll probably tell them to stop -- and that attention is exactly what they want. Just like giving your doxie enough exercise will help cure boredom barking, ensuring you’re carving out sufficient snuggle time and one-on-one time with your pup should help prevent them from getting loud to get your attention.

5. They can’t contain their excitement

Dachshunds can’t always handle all their enthusiasm in such a tiny body. Plus, given how much they love to show their affection, they sometimes bark to make their feelings especially clear. Whether it’s another pup that they want to say hello to or a special treat that you’re about to give them, if there’s something to be excited about, dachshunds bark to get their feelings across. And if you’re not sure whether their barks are signs of excitement, a wagging tail is a good clue. Trying to get your doxie to curb the enthusiastic barking? You may want to teach them the commands “quiet” and “speak” so that you’re in control of their noisiness.

While an automatic reaction to barking may be to raise your voice, yelling will just make doxies think that you’re barking along with them, and they’ll increase the volume on their barking, too. If you’re trying to get your dachshund to quiet down, it’s important to understand when your dachshund is barking, and why, so that you can address the cause of their chatter. We’ll keep crossing our fingers that we can speak the same language as our pups someday, though.


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