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How to protect your dachshund's teeth

How to protect your dachshund's teeth

Dachshunds’ long little snouts are one of their most adorable features. Those narrow mouths, though, also put the breed at a higher risk for dental disease. And since dental problems can lead to larger health issues down the line, taking extra steps to keep your pup’s mouth squeaky clean and healthy is well worth the effort.

While it may not be obvious at first, overall health is closely tied to oral health! In addition to a regular brushing habit, we’re big fans of Teef’s Daily Dental Prebiotic, which is designed to protect your dachshund’s oral health for the long term.

Quality ingredients only

Your dachshund deserves the best, and so the ingredients in the products you give your pup matter! All of the ingredients in Teef’s formula are human-grade — they’ve been tested for safety on us humans for over 40 years — and you won’t find any fillers, preservatives, artificial colors, or chemicals in Teef’s prebiotic. The Teef team wants to make sure you feel confident in what you’re feeding your dachshund, too.

Teef dissolves easily in your dachshund’s water dish — the Teef team recommends one scoop a day, just like taking a vitamin — so you don’t have to worry about feeding your pup a pill. And if you’re looking for additional ways to take care of your doxie’s dental health, making sure they’re being fed healthy food, cleaning their food and water bowls weekly, and washing their favorite chew toys once a month will help, too. Their little mouths will thank you!

Bad breath be gone

As much as we love kisses from our doxies, those kisses are far less sweet when their breath is sour. Teef prevents plaque build up in your dachshund’s mouth using amino acids. It also help neutralize the odor of any bacteria in their mouths, so while their breath may not smell minty fresh, it won’t stink, either!

Sparkling smiles

While it’s still recommended that you brush your dachshund’s teeth on a regular basis — and you can use Teef water to do so! — the ingredients in Teef will help keep your pup’s teeth white and strong, too. Sodium bicarbonate, an ingredient often found in toothpaste, is used in Teef’s formula too. And while a diet that’s high in sodium can take a toll on your dachshund’s heart health, there are only 3 mg in a daily serving of Teef. Just enough to keep their teeth sparkling!

A science-first approach

You've probably picked up on the fact that every ingredient found in Teef serves a purpose. That's because Teef’s patented prebiotic formula was designed by Dr. Emily Stein, who holds a PhD in microbial biology and is an expert in infection and inflammatory disease. She’s spent much of her career studying bacteria and their impact on health, and was inspired to put that knowledge to use after adopting a senior rescue dog with multiple health conditions. Tinzley — her 10 year old rescue — was suffering from eye infections, bladder infections, skin irritation, and seriously low energy. When Dr. Stein realized that Tinzley’s health conditions were all tied to neglected dental care over the years, she went to work creating a product that would protect dogs’ oral health. Rather than focusing on reactive care, Dr. Stein invented Protektin42™ — their patented prebiotic — to strengthen dogs’ oral microbiome. By supporting the good bacteria and weakening the bad stuff, Teef works to proactively protect your doxie’s overall health, starting with their mouth.

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Teef Daily Dental Pre-Biotic
Fret no more about your dachshund’s chompers with Teef: vet-approved, target-the-root-cause dental regimen. Teef’s pre-biotics are dissolved right in your pup’s drinking water, making the fight against gum disease and bad breath a cinch. Because dachshunds are more susceptible to tartar build-up and dental disease, Teef’s formula made with human-grade, plant-based, preservative-free, tummy-friendly ingredients is a doxie win-win-win!

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