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Meet Adeline — skilled hiker — and her person, Chloe

Meet Adeline — skilled hiker — and her person, Chloe

We all know that our relationship with dachshunds is one that only other dachshund lovers can understand, so we’re putting some of our favorite parent-pup duos in the spotlight. Sit, stay, hear about these doxie parents’ relationship with the breed that stole their hearts, and get to know the dachshund that sealed the deal.

Human’s name: Chloe
Dog’s name: Adeline
Dog’s Instagram: @doxieadelinekinsley
Type of dachshund: Chocolate dapple long haired miniature dachshund
Dog’s age: 3
Hometown: Dallas, TX

What’s your favorite part about being a dachshund owner?

Dachshunds are one person dogs and Adeline is 100% attached to me. She’s incredibly intuitive, and I’m sure she knows what I’m thinking. I’ll be talking to myself around the house and she’ll talk back to me — it’s like she has a response. I’m still waiting for a collar that will translate her dog speak to English!

What’s your favorite activity to do with Adeline?

We love hiking. Adeline has been to five different National Parks with me, and she loves to rock climb! When we went to Utah recently, I had her strapped in next to me and we were going down cliffs. People told me when I got her that you couldn’t hike with a little dog like her, but she loves it.

Her first hike was when she was somewhere between six and eight months old. I bought a doggie backpack thinking that I’d have to carry her the whole way, but I was dead wrong. She wanted to do it herself. Along the way, she’s learned her own limits, so she’ll hit me with her front legs when she needs a break. I’ll put her in the backpack for a little bit so she can rest, and then she’ll get going again.

Does Adeline have a favorite human food?

She loves kale and broccoli — she eats them raw! She’s a big veggie girl. Since she’s the only “grandchild,” my mother spoils her and fixed her a Thanksgiving dinner complete with things like ham, green beans, and brussels sprouts. Adeline ate the brussels sprouts and the black eyed peas before anything else!

Tell me about a favorite memory with Adeline since you got her.

The funniest moment since getting Adeline was when she realized that there were live fish in my koi pond. When I first put the koi pond in, she’d walk through it every day to investigate. The koi fish were only two or three inches big at that point. About six months later, one came up to her and she must have jumped three feet backwards and started barking crazily. She had no idea what was going on. It was hilarious to watch.

Do you own Adeline or does Adeline own you?

Adeline probably owns me, because my life revolves around her. She has complete control of the house.


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