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The story behind "Dachshunds"

The story behind

Witzig is, first and foremost, for dachshunds — but it’s also for their people! Our very first goal as a business: get dachshund owners (like you!) to be a collaborative part of our product development process. But how?

Step 1: Throw a Party!

To kick things off, we decided to host three amazing pre-launch events across the country. In Los Angeles, Houston, and New York we met first-time dachshund owners, lifelong fans, and all the wonderful people who make up the dachshund community.

It was inspiring — and outrageously fun. Check out some of the behind-the-scenes action:


Step 2: Take Some Portraits

In every city, we made sure to have a professional pet photographer on hand to capture wonderful, eye-catching portraits of all the charming doxies in attendance.

Step 3: Sort the Snapshots

All those shots were the jumping-off point for our inaugural product: Dachshunds. The hardest part of those whole process? Narrowing down which to include!


Step 4: Make a Book

Our very first product, Dachshunds is a beautifully designed coffee table book that features pages and pages of incredible portraits, all captured at our three events.

Step 5: Spread the Love!

It’s the perfect celebration of all things dachshund, from our work at Witzig to the community to (most importantly) the dogs themselves — and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you.


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