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A year of Witzig

A year of Witzig
Can you believe that it’s been a full year of sharing our love (and some might say, obsession) for dachshunds? We founded Witzig last May to honor the breed that we adore and ensure that our community of devoted dachshund fanatics had the products you need to provide your pup with the best of the best. Over the past year, we’ve talked about dachshund health, important training tricks, grooming tips, and so much more, too. As we celebrate all the memories of Witzig’s first year, we thought we’d share some of the highlights.

Late January/Early February 2020: We started out 2020 by getting to meet so many of our long little dachshund friends and their parents before the official launch of Witzig. With gatherings in Los Angeles, Houston, and New York, we got to give everyone a sneak preview of some of the things we were working on, take portraits of your pups, and get covered in doxie kisses, too. There were wiggly butts everywhere!

May 2020: We welcomed Witzig to the world officially with the release of Dachshunds, our coffee table book filled with portraits of the charming, loyal breed that we know and love. There’s no such thing as too many dachshunds, and the nearly 100 portraits of doxies captured at our pre-launch events prove that. Another product that was designed based on your feedback at our events? Handmade ceramic slow feeder bowls. Ceramicist Sarah Hussani perfected the size and shape of these bowls after testing out the prototype with our dachshund crowd in New York so that your pup could have a beautiful way to curb overeating.

July 2020: A stylish dachshund is a happy dachshund! In July, we created an exclusive line of bandanas designed by illustrator and designer Mikey Burton so that doxies and their loving parents could both rock a very dachshund-centric accessory. Burton was inspired by the unique personalities and appearances of each coat type, and aimed to capture the fun, light-hearted spirit of the breed in the art on the bandanas. The perfect summer accessory!

September 2020: There’s no such thing as too much custom-made dachshund apparel, right? We worked with designer Chrissie Dowler to create denim vests for your doxie, showcasing their big personalities. Specifically fitted for dachshunds’ unique body shapes and easy to clean — because, let’s be honest, messes happen — Dowler put so much thought into these adorable vests. They were even made with recycled denim! If you’re sitting here thinking about how a denim vest is the one thing missing from your pup’s closet, check out the Peace vest and Love vest.

October 2020: Dressing up for Halloween is far more fun when you can match with your pup. To celebrate in style, we released three special costumes designed with both doxies and their owners in mind: a dachshund tamer outfit, a rainbow outfit, and a caterpillar outfit. Each sold out before the holiday, and we’re already thinking about what costumes to make this year!

November 2020: You’ll find vintage items available from Witzig all year long — we love keeping the site fresh with special, hand-picked products that are as unique as your pup — but in November, we focused on adding extra vintage items to the site as the holiday season approached. Some of our favorites? About a dozen ornaments that you won’t find at your average pet store. If you’re a vintage-lover, you can keep an eye on our vintage section here so that you won’t miss any new finds.

February 2021: Is there a love bigger than the love we have for our dachshunds? (Signs are pointing towards no.) And because every holiday calls for a special outfit, we introduced festive bow ties, corsages, and safe-for-pups boxes of “chocolates”. How’s that for a sweet celebration?

We’ve had so much fun seeing your pups rock their favorite Witzig products over the past year, and we can’t wait to keep sharing products and content created especially for your dachshund. If you ever have suggestions for what you’d like to see on Witzig, please don’t hesitate to send us a note at — Witzig is meant for you (and your pup), after all. Here’s to another year of wagging tails and witty dachshunds!


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