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What's a Chiweenie?

What's a Chiweenie?

When it comes to small dogs, dachshunds and chihuahuas have two of the most devoted fanbases. And if you love both, you don’t have to choose just one. The cross between these two beloved breeds is known as a chiweenie — a small dog with big ears and a lot to say.


Chiweenies are a relatively new crossbreed, dating back only to the 1990s. Originating in North America, the breeds were mixed in an attempt to reduce some of the back issues that are far too common to dachshunds' long bodies. The result? A loyal little mix that is simultaneously feisty and friendly.


Since there’s so much variety in the appearance of both dachshunds and chihuahuas, chiweenies can look dramatically different from one another. Short, glossy coats are most common, but you’ll see longhaired and wirehaired chiweenies too, and their coloring can range from white or blond to brown or black. And like both parent breeds, these dogs are small. A chiweenie averages between 7 and 15 pounds, and usually is between 5 and 9 inches long (making them a little shorter than their dachshund ancestors).


In breeding dachshunds with chihuahuas, the hunting tendencies of doxies were lost. The love of digging, though, was not — both dachshunds and chihuahuas like to burrow — and the stubbornness so stereotypical to dachshunds certainly remained, too. These pups also love to play, and require a medium level of activity. Though the breed is known to be especially talkative, enough exercise keeps them from being yappy, and after they tucker themselves out, chiweenies are just as happy to snuggle into their humans’ laps.


Loyal and loveable, these dogs make for great companions in certain types of households. They’re not the greatest breed to introduce to families with small children, and if you want to add them to a multi-pet household, they may need some extra training and socialization. Once they get attached, though, chiweenies are fiercely devoted to their owners, and often form an especially close bond with one owner in particular.


As far as health concerns go, back issues couldn’t be completely eliminated in the mixing of the two breeds, so you’ll still see chiweenies with IVDD. Another common health concern for the crossbreed is hypoglycemia, which comes from their chihuahua lineage, and the wobbly, disoriented nature that can come with having an episode of low blood sugar. Both common conditions are treatable with the right amount of love and medical care.

It’s hard to beat the personality of a dachshund, but for those looking for another breed to add to their repertoire, chiweenies have many of the same traits that doxie owners love so much. And chiweenies come with all sorts of nickname possibilities, too, in case you were concerned. Can anyone argue with the cuteness of a weeniewawa?

(Photo via @mortythechiweenieminpin.)


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