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Everything you need to know for our Spring Party

Everything you need to know for our Spring Party

We're so excited for our Spring party that we just had to make some backgrounds to celebrate! See below for 3 different designs you can use as zoom backgrounds. Take your pick, bring your pup, and see you soon! 


To set this up, enter the Zoom meeting, click the arrow next to "show video" and click "choose virtual background". Upload one of these images, and you're all set!

If the images appear backward when you apply them in Zoom, go to: Settings > virtual background > uncheck "mirror my video."

Meet the backgrounds:

1. A nod to the Spring Fiesta

The whole reason we selected 4/25 for this event is because of the Washington Square Park Spring Fiesta, an annual NYC tradition where hundreds of dachshunds gather the last Saturday in April. Since we can't make it there in person, we thought we'd bring the arch to you!

2. The step-and-repeat

If you came to one of our in person events, you might remember this pattern from the dachshund-sized step-and-repeat. Now, it's virtual!


3. The extra Witzig one

"Witzig" means "funny" in German — a nod to dachshunds' personalities and breeding. We like to think this background represents the breed well: a whole lot of amusement wrapped up in one background. 


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