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Meet Peet — cheese connoisseur — and his person, Jillian

Meet Peet — cheese connoisseur — and his person, Jillian

We all know that our relationship with dachshunds is one that only other dachshund lovers can understand, so we’re putting some of our favorite parent-pup duos in the spotlight. Sit, stay, hear about these doxie parents’ relationship with the breed that stole their hearts, and get to know the dachshund that sealed the deal.

Human’s name: Jillian
Dog’s name: Peet
Dog’s instagram: @pj_peetyboo
Type of dachshund: Long-haired double dapple dachshund [Note: Peet is a rescue! Double dapple dachshunds are often the result of unsafe breeding, and frequently have health complications as a result. Amazingly, Peet can see and hear!]
Dog’s age: Approximately 9 years old
City: Port Jefferson, Long Island NY

What’s your favorite part about being a dachshund owner?
I’ve met a lot of really cool people through Peet, because the community of dachshund owners is pretty special. When we first got him and I started his Instagram, we only had about 100 followers, but other dachshund owners started to reach out and we’d all comment on how cute each other’s dogs were. The connections just grew from there. There are so many groups of dachshund owners made up of people from all over the world, and when people have been visiting New York, we’ve gotten to meet in person, too. In other words, I’ve met people from other countries because of Peet — isn’t that crazy? My wife thinks it’s strange, but I love the community we’re forming.

Tell me about a favorite memory with Peet since you got him.
My wife is a doctor, so she works long hours, and I work in the city, so I’m not home during the day. The majority of the time we spend with Peet is on the weekend, but he gets plenty of love when we’re not home. Awhile back, we met people at the wine store. Not only did they become our friends, but they fell in love with Peet so much that he now stays with them during the week, and even goes on vacation with them. My wife and I got married in their backyard, and we went to their daughter’s wedding, too. It’s kind of insane how much of a catalyst for connection Peet is — he brings us all together.

Does Peet have a favorite human food?
Peet is 100% team cheese. That dog remembers everywhere he has ever had cheese. There was a wine store in our area that did wine tastings and served cheese — it closed 5 years ago, but anytime we walk by, Peet will stop. I think in his brain it goes something like, “Have I met you? Did you give me cheese? Then we’re best friends.”

What advice would you give to a first-time dachshund owner?
Beware of dachshunds’ stubbornness and selective hearing. Otherwise, they are so much fun and are absolutely full of personality. Dachshunds will wrap you around their finger and they’ll know it, too. Be ready to fall in love with them, but also be prepared to not be the alpha.

Do you own Peet or does Peet own you?
Oh Peet owns me. My wife owns Peet. But Peet owns me.


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