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Witzig Group, Bloomington, IL

In 1986, shortly after she learned to walk, Pam Witzig founded her search firm as Witzig & Associates which quickly grew into a premiere search firm for advertising professionals.

That same year “Stalking the Headhunter: The Smart Job-Hunter’s Guide to Executive Recruiters” by John J. Tarrant was all the rage. It was about how to get the attention of headhunters for the purpose of advancing your career. Witzig & Associates, a sole proprietorship, sought to identify candidates who matched their clients criteria for their open assignments.

A decade later people began searching job postings on the internet, a tool that has become the primary source for job seekers. Soon the big hiring platforms kicked in. It’s a black hole for candidates and a crap shoot for employers.

Many “recruiters” now do that web-based searching on their clients’ behalf. Our answer is to avoid it altogether. It’s easy to become lazy and the result may just be a weak pool of candidates and representing only “low-hanging fruit.” Therefore, we still go directly to the people in the trenches.

Having developed a deep database of connections in the marketing professions, we know who’s who and what’s going on where – sometimes ahead of the trade publications. We believe our job is to seek out and screen high quality candidates rather than sift through great numbers of applicants which, overall, represent a weak pool of candidates.   

Witzig Group, Bloomington ILTrue, professional recruiting hasn’t changed. There are just fewer of us who actively scout desirable candidates. This breed actually hunted heads in the ’80s. A few of us are recruiting in the 21st century, too.

At some point in these careers, WITZIG made a difference:

– Evelyn Monroe Neill, CCO Doremus NY

– Todd Tilford,  CCO, FCB/Chicago

– Mark Ronquillo, Global ECD, Publicis NY

Witzig Group still goes right to the source. To people in the industry performing the job you need done.

     WITZIG predicted early on that Direct and Promotions (“below the line” work) would take on a life of their own and  began building in those disciplines. Today we have a very broad  base of contacts in shopper marketing, CRM, digital, and social in addition to traditional advertising and public relations.

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