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We regularly hear from clients and candidates citing us as standouts among third party search firms, regarding professionalism and responsiveness. Integrity and sound ethics are important here.

Pamela Witzig

Founder & hands-on Recruiter


Pam accidentally discovered a love of recruiting early in her otherwise employment agency career. Back in the days applicants paid fees for placement with “employment agencies.” From there, she took it toward her bent for creative and appreciation for advertising and marketing communications and found her niche. She founded Witzig & Associates at a tender young age (she realizes now) and in 2006 renamed us Witzig Group.

Pam has a passion for finding and placing the pieces to fill in a puzzle. It’s why her group hunts rather than gathers (job seekers). Her one frustration is people in the industry who call themselves recruiters but post ads and sift job boards as they create conceptions about the search model.

Though founder of Witzig Group (in 1986 as Witzig & Associates), she is not one to be a mere figurehead. Pam enjoys rolling up her sleeves to do the work and is very much a hands-on recruiter.

In 2018 she brought Witzig Group from the standard model in play when “Stalking the Headhunter” was published (the year she started the business) to one of setting strategy on searches and employing search associates to work research and outreach in place of staff recruiters.

Pam is addicted to ballroom dancing. She loves entertaining friends & family, travel, a bold red, and all the challenges her clients can bring.

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