Jan 202019

In an employee job market like we are in now, your prospective hires are on the job doing what you need done – for someone else. Per Linkedin, only 36% actively search for new jobs. And our experience has been that seekers are not typically the best candidates. They are more likely to be the has-beens, wannabes, and job hoppers. The hires you need are rarely watching job posts. It’s essential to be in touch with talent continually to create a pipeline of potential hires before you know you have a need. Being proactive rather than reactive means hires will happen faster and be more cost effective.

To load your hiring pipeline:

  1. Use employee referral systems.
  2. Leverage social media. Use engaging content around your brand to attract hires. We know employees value work environment and management over title and salary. Give them a window into what it’s like to work with your organization: company news and relevant celebrations, employee stories including those oddball incidents as well as testimonials, projects and the excitement around them, etc. Consistent exposure with personality will lay the groundwork. When you need to add a brand strategist or find an art director partner for Finley you’ll have a leg up.
  3. Take care that candidate relationship management is a good experience. Most companies use some level of automation and rants from applicants about tracking systems abound. They can leave a sour impression. Be responsive. Include at least near-human touch points with candidates.
  4. Be sure Witzig is always scouting for you. Our search associates speak with marketing professionals daily, learning their “druthers” as regards location, environment, job function, compensation, etc. We implement a variety of recruiting techniques and are continually loading pipelines. When engaged on a contract basis, those clients are top of mind as we work a range of searches. In that way we know a few clients well rather than working a long list of spotty searches with scattered clients of somewhat shallow relationships. We can post you on talent that is a good fit before you know you need them.

This new model is more productive on our end and more cost effective for our client companies. Contact Pam Witzig at p.witzig@witzig.com to schedule a call for details.

We wish you a stellar 2019.

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