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Witzig Group, Bloomington IL

Terms options

We are primarily a contingency firm and bill a percentage of the hired candidate’s first year salary.
Also offered is a secured search option. With these, a deposit of 5% of the salary range mid-point gives your search priority with us. Because secured searches guarantee our time will be applied toward receivables, it also means a reduced rate for you. We will get viable candidates in front of secured searches before moving on to contingency assignments.
Inquire about retained searches for urgent and tough-to-fill assignments. You will find we are among the best at turning over fresh earth to find the candidate with the profile you are looking for. The one for which other recruiters simply told you “I don’t have anyone for that.”


Our Guarantee

We take great pride in making the right match for our clients. Circumstances may occur however, that are beyond the control of all of us and our consulted oracles. If your Witzig hire, for reasons other than account loss, fails to remain in the position for a period of 90 days, we will replace that individual at no additional charge (except a differential when the new employee requires more than 10% greater compensation).


We will ask you to agree to procedures as well as affirm that hiring for each requested staff person has been approved and budgeted for; none are contingent upon a new business win, at which point The WITZIG Group will get to work, not by casting wide nets on job boards or flipping through jobseeker files, but by focused contacts with industry professionals. And leaping tall buildings.

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