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Witzig Group, Bloomington IL

When engaging WITZIG to source candidates and fill your positions, please be prepared to spend a few minutes discussing your needs. We will have questions about the background of the ideal candidate and how they fit into your organization.

As we identify potential candidates, we will introduce only those who meet your specifications as we understand them and have expressed interest in your opportunity. We will introduce these potential hires by forwarding their resumes through e-mail. We require a timely response — within two days — so we are sure to stay on track during the search.

To proceed with a candidate who lives outside your city, we recommend conducting a phone interview initially. A great deal can be learned with such a meeting. Time and money will be saved.

When a phone interview has gone well, it is important to move swiftly to the meeting. Once the interest peaks, it can only go downward from there. We must keep the interest level high by being responsive and taking action. This is a romance. If the suitor offends, they will lose. The in-person interview should include key players of course. We will assist with  travel arrangements if you choose.

Witzig Group, Bloomington ILThe spouse should be invited to come along on subsequent trips when in serious pursuit. They are clearly key in the decision process, so their getting acquainted with the location is critical. Time should be invested by a staff person or realtor to show the pair around the area.

At the time of an offer, we can present it to the candidate or you may choose to. In either case, send a copy of the offer to the recruiter who made the introduction. We are able to act as buffer in negotiations to help set both parties out on pleasant footing. Know that we will not work toward greater compensation for the sake of increasing our billing. We are working with long-term relationships, not just the transaction at hand. Any recommendations we may make will be based on our experience and market conditions. And will always be in your best interest.

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