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  • We’ll be talking to the many “passive candidates” we are regularly in touch with and to actively sourced individuals, rather than only those who are (sometimes perpetual) job seekers.
  • At Witzig, “Powered by Connections” is a reference we earn each day with every individual search. We have a broad base of contacts developed one call and one byte at a time – and are building new relationships with every outreach. We have matched hundreds of talented advertising and marketing professionals with brands and agencies nationwide.
  • Your vision is our vision — and we see beyond the immediate transaction. It is a mistake to focus on just getting this placement, which you may have experienced with other recruiters. We are relationship builders and make it our business to know each and every client’s preferences and style. We want your business next month, next year, and next decade. Sometimes than means sharing information that will lose today’s candidate for the sake of your business and our working relationship.
  • We are client-focused. After all, it’s you who gets the invoice. Candidates don’t pay for the recruiters services. Browse other recruitment sites. See if you come away feeling the recruiter is working on behalf of the candidates.
  • When your need requires the recruiter who will truly “scout ’em out,” that’s the signal to call Witzig.
Witzig Group, Bloomington IL
“I remember that on many occasions, ‘recruiters’ would call us with an opening on their books. ‘I don’t have anyone for this,’ they would say. ‘Do you have anyone?’ One such person, on learning we did not advertise our positions said, ‘You don’t advertise? How do you get your people?’ These are the sorts who call themselves recruiters. We finally stopped accepting such splits because what it accomplished was to make the other firm look good. We did the digging but were mere ghosts in the process.” – Pam Witzig

It seems you attach no time limits to your introductions. Why is that?

Our terms state we are due a fee when a candidate is hired as a result of our referral. The operative phrase being, “as a result of our referral.” Remember, we first dismiss the model of the recruiter who represents job seekers from place to place. What we have done in order to introduce candidates is to make fresh, first-time contacts on our client’s behalf. A great deal of time is invested. We talk with our own industry connections — people placed in our database by years of work, phone bills and, ahem!, payroll to those doing it. As a contingency firm, we are paid on the results of our work. The passing of time does not diminish the work that was done. Chances are we picked up the phone and called many people from your competitors because the profile matched, rather than sending you someone who is listed with many recruiters while looking for a new job. This does not preclude the possibility you since identified the candidate through other means (an internal resource or a different recruiter). However, if they were in your files because we placed them there, please, just write the check..

You say you want “swift response” to your introductions? Sounds like an attitude problem.

When positions are put out to search, we presume they are high priority. Our firm is dedicating extensive time and resources to your assignment. Feedback is essential to the process. We need to know whether we are on the right path before we invest a great deal of time going the wrong direction. Also, it is our job to show you in the best light to potential employees; when the search falters, they lose critical enthusiasm. Once we have raised our hand for their attention and interfered with their lives, they are entitled professional follow-through. As one candidate put it recently, “I’m not sure I want to work for a company that can’t do the small things.” They withdraw and maybe take other jobs. Your recruiter feels they had the job once and it is tough to get them excited about returning to the starting gate after the race has been run.

If you sought this person out for us, why would they not be willing to wait?

We’ve seen it happen often that, though a candidate was not actively seeking new employment, the activity spawned by our contact progresses in other directions; they begin comparison-shopping and find additional attractive opportunities. In other cases, their current situation improves and their motivation changes. Once their interest has peaked, it can only go one direction with the passing of time. If you are not in a position to respond to introductions within two business days, please hold the search until that assignment is a higher priority.

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