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“If you reach for the stars, you may not get one, but you won’t come up with a handful of mud either.”  — Leo Burnett

To become a candidate with Witzig Group, you must be introduced by an industry professional in our network. Bear in mind also that our client companies pay our fees. Therefore our charge is to identify the right candidate for our clients’ assignments. Our recruiters are focused on sourcing for and matching the profiles they have engaged us to fill.

The best way to be sure you are on our radar screen is to keep your information current with us. If you have an eye to change, forward a resume to the Witzig recruiter that represents you. Include a description of your ideal role regarding functions, environment, location, compensation, etc. (Tell us how you like to spend your leisure time. It’s surprising how often that will relate to a dream job connection.) He or she will post you on appropriate assignments as they come along.

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Some general recommendations:

Track your search activity — If you are actively seeking a new position, chances are you’re working with more than one search firm. Keep a record of who is to present you for which position with what company, complete with dates. It will save much confusion and embarrassment down the road. Duplication of effort wastes time and makes us all look bad.

Consider going for a job offer for the purpose of being elevated in position or salary with your current employer – NOT.   Word gets out when people’s time and budgets have been abused. If it’s a raise you are after, simply do your homework regarding your value in the marketplace and be direct with your employer.

Pursue with sincerity only — It is important to be clear the opportunity is one you are serious about before having the company invest their time, money, and effort into the process. Educate yourself on the geographical location if you are unfamiliar. When a job change involves relocation, discuss the prospect thoroughly with affected family members before your first in-person interview to be certain they are on board should you get the offer.

Be prepared for a counter offer –Often your current employer, particularly in this very tight job market, will try to make it attractive for you to stay on once you’ve tendered your resignation. Statistics demonstrate that the outcomes when counters are accepted are not good. The company is concerned about lost productivity and a drop in morale when an employee leaves. By “buying” you back, they have temporarily put out a fire. Still, the marriage has suffered a setback and you are in a position to be the casualty of choice at the first opportunity for staff cuts.

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