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What advice do you have for my resume?

Witzig Group, Bloomington ILRemember that resumes more often serve to screen out potential hires, than in. In other words, they will not be studied closely to determine why the person it represents should be included among viable candidates. Rather, they will first be scanned to grab highlights or eliminating red flags before any detail is even read. Resumes that are verbose, omit dates of employment, or try too hard to be cute are less likely to make the short list.

Keep your resume to two pages. Include your functions and accomplishments within each employment item, rather than as a laundry list with employment charted separately.

Will you send my resume out for job openings?

Your resume will not leave our hands until you have agreed to pursue a position we’ve discussed. Anytime you have a conversation with a recruiter, ask this question. We will not treat your resume as though you are an inventory item. There is much to consider in a career change. No one should ever refer you as a possible candidate when you have no idea what you are being presented for. It is a breach of confidentiality that may put your job in jeopardy. It is also a disservice to their client.

Witzig Group, Bloomington ILWhy doesn’t my recruiter call more often? Isn’t s/he trying to find me a job?

Actually, the recruiters role is to find the right people for his client companies to hire. They are paying the tab. See the process for how you can best facilitate your search through recruiters.

When I told my employer I was resigning, they made a counter-offer. What should I do?

Hopefully you did not accept an offer from a new company and are now entertaining a counter offer. First, it creates bad blood. Bad news travels like lightning – which burns the bridge to the prospective employer. It is a lose-lose situation.

Consider this: If you are worth the new salary to your employer now, why were you not paid your worth before? Chances are this is a measure to stop the pain of a short staff. They may well start lining up ducks to replace you. After all, they know you have sought other employment. Your loyalty is in question. Their priority will be to cover their assets –. and if cutbacks occur, who do you think will be first on the list?  Departments have to work within budgets. What was the source of this new income — perhaps your next raise?  Remember what attracted you to the new position and why you were leaving the old one. Money was probably not the primary motivator and it will not change the core issues. Accepting the counter offer will not bring a good result.

The position my recruiter told me about sounds great but it is for less money than I am now making. Why would I take a cut in salary?

It may not be a “cut.” A dollar is not the same dollar in all parts of the country. It could actually be very unreasonable to ask for the same you are making now. You could live like the Hiltons in Indianapolis, Denver, or Minneapolis on the same salary that is upper-middle range in NYC, Chicago, or Boston, for example. Use a salary calculator that compares cost of living differences in various markets.

Consider also that this may be a heartily growing company and a stepping stone that will have you take one step back to make two or three quick steps forward which will put you beyond where you would be with your current company in the next couple of years. Do your homework.

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